Broadway Comedy Club Radio

Broadway Comedy Club Radio is a clearly above average podcast featuring celebrity interviews and news from the NYC stand-up comedy world. With Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher, and Mike Hollan.

Joe DeVito, our favorite guest, is back and even the thieves who stole our podcast equipment couldn’t keep us from getting this one out into the universe! Hear Joe’s thoughts on everything from road comics to fake news in this can’t-miss episode. And if you stole our stuff, give it back now!

Al has politics on his mind! In this entertaining (if somewhat off-topic) episode, hear his thoughts on recent American and World events. With George Diaz

Heather Fink, star of the hilarious new film Inside You, tells Clayton all about writing, directing, producing, and starring in a feature film. She’s a star on the rise and you heard it here first!

Al Martin tells us why Millennials are “stupid and uncreative,” and gets even with a famous comedian who talked trash about him on another podcast. We name names on this show!!!  With Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher

Gregory Joseph (regular guest on John Fugelsang’s Sirius/XM show) stops by to talk about the latest news on the Bill Cosby trial, performing and eating in different cities, and of course, professional wrestling. Off-beat and hilarious episode also features Clayton Fletcher and Al Martin.

Al and one of our regular co-hosts, Joe DeVito, discuss the dark side of funny business, with everything from substance abuse to sexual assault. At times hilarious and at times thought-provoking, this episode is a can’t miss!  With Al Martin, Joe DeVito

SEX SELLS!!! But is it funny? Al and Clayton speak with Monroe the Stripper Comedian about her new career on a different kind of stage. Names are named, including Ron Herron and Christina Barro. Very insightful and surprising episode all about misconceptions, misinformation, and misdirections. With Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher

Al Martin on why Iliza Shlesinger shouldn’t talk trash about other female comics, why Kurt Metzger doesn’t get laughs in Times Square, and so much more.  With Clayton Fletcher

Rich Aronovitch tells us about being the opening act for Jim Brewer and his role on Beat Bobby Flay. And we learn about selling knives and writing jokes for other people. Hilarious, high energy episode features Clayton Fletcher, George Diaz

Rob Ryan, winner of the 2017 Boston Comedy Festival, joins us to discuss the latest blunders by Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher. Should comics push the envelope, and if so, how far and at what cost? With Al Martin, George Diaz

The latest scandal in the comedy world this week doesn’t involve joke thievery, rape accusations, or feminism. It’s about Go Fund Me! Al Martin names names and pulls no punches in interviewing Rachel Joan about whether a comic should use crowdfunding to pay bills in order to do stand-up! Confused? You won’t be after this episode. With Clayton Fletcher, George Diaz

Joe DeVito (Late Show, Chelsea Lately) tells us about working on “Red Eye” for Fox News, and why he feels he’s closer to the starting line than the finish line in comedy.  With Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher, George Diaz

Pat Dixon returns to catch us up on all the latest in NYC crime and what’s so funny about that! Check out his groundbreaking series, “New York City Crime Report” on Compound Media. With Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher, and George Diaz

Al Martin gets political about the politics of comedy and the politics of politics! Why “themed” comedy shows are on the decline and what it means to be a part of the problem. With Clayton Fletcher and George Diaz

Jamie Roberts stops by our brand new podcast studio to talk about Sunday Night Live and Dave Chappelle’s new special. With Felicia Madison, Clayton Fletcher, and George Diaz

With no “special guest” in sight, the guys discover that one of the best subjects for an interview is right under their noses, the one and only Al Martin! Incredible, fascinating story of Al’s life before comedy and how he became a club owner. This is a MUST HEAR episode. Enjoy!  With Clayton Fletcher, Adam Lucidi, Al Martin


The one and only Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling joins us and puts Al on the spot about a show he wants to do at Broadway Comedy Club. Meanwhile, Clayton has trouble pronouncing “Martling” and Adam is lost. Mayhem ensues on this episode. Will control ever be restored???   with Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher, Adam Lucidi

Carmen Lynch is funny, beautiful, Spanish, tall, and opinionated. The two-time Letterman guest shares her thoughts on travel, life, lips, and why IMDB gets everything wrong!  with Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher, Adam Lucidi



Sarah Silverman apologizes to Al, who is ready to put this behind him (once all the publicity dries up, that is). Then we talk to Eric Hanson about working on daytime talk shows, producing comedy festivals, and why having hair is overrated. With Al Martin, Adam Lucidi

Sarah Silverman talks trash about Al Martin, and he fires back with some sharp comments of his own. Meanwhile, hilarious comedian/impressionist/screenwriter/attorney J-L Cauvin is all over the business of show, without ever making a dime of course!  with Adam Lucidi, Clayton Fletcher