Clayton Fletcher is an avid semi-professional poker player. He specializes in No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em but also enjoys other games including Seven-Card Stud and Omaha. He has over thirty first place tournament finishes to his credit, from The Venetian in Las Vegas to The Borgata in Atlantic City. Known in poker circles as “The Joker,” Clayton likes to have fun while he is playing cards! While other poker players are telling each other off and hiding behind hats and sunglasses, “The Joker” makes the other players laugh and always remember that poker is a game.
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  • Early Bustout for The Joker at WPT Borgata

    Posted on September 24th, 2009 Clayton Fletcher No comments

    With his KK versus an unknown all-in player’s AA, Clayton Fletcher found himself in a rough position at The Borgata last week. Either he would nearly double up (with a lot of luck) or he would be crippled in the tournament after having run his initial 30,000 stack all the way up to 47,500. Alas, it was not in the cards as the aces held up and Fletch saw his stack dwindle all the way down to 5500. About twenty minutes later, aces struck again, this time versus The Joker’s AK, and again luck could not bail our hero out. He finished in 714th place out of 1017 players.

    Here’s hoping for better poker news soon from Clayton Fletcher…

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