Clayton Fletcher is an avid semi-professional poker player. He specializes in No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em but also enjoys other games including Seven-Card Stud and Omaha. He has over thirty first place tournament finishes to his credit, from The Venetian in Las Vegas to The Borgata in Atlantic City. Known in poker circles as “The Joker,” Clayton likes to have fun while he is playing cards! While other poker players are telling each other off and hiding behind hats and sunglasses, “The Joker” makes the other players laugh and always remember that poker is a game.
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  • The Joker Makes a Quiet Exit from Aussie Millions Main Event

    Posted on January 27th, 2010 Clayton Fletcher 1 comment

    Things never really got going for Clayton “The Joker” Fletcher at the Crown Melbourne this week. Starting with a chip stack of 20,000, Fletcher took a bad beat early which knocked him down to 8,000. Getting rivered in a blind versus blind confrontation a few hands later brought the stack down to a modest 3,200. And  getting that stack all-in preflop three ways with blinds of 150/300/25 holding 44 versus A9 and KQ did not work out well either once the king finally showed up on the river. All in all, a disappointing day on the felt for our favorite funny guy at the tables.

    The Joker will next play in Event #20 here in Melbourne after a weekend of performing at The Last Laugh Comedy Club.